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The founding partners of Edith Court Properties are currently managing partners in a real estate development/holding company that specializes in the development of Real Estate for office, school, medical and retail uses. The principals’ focus and expertise for the past 17 years has been locating and developing distressed buildings in the 5 boroughs of New York City. Utilizing the corporate infrastructure of site prospecting, property development, and building management currently in place, the company has been expanding its property portfolio by acquiring additional properties within specific areas the New York City where the company sees value and has specific expertise. Edith Court Properties has been created to levy the expertise of the fund principals with investor capital in order to take advantage of current market conditions. For this fund, the partners will be using the same property criteria, tenant marketing, and property management that they have used in their many past successful projects.
The management team of Edith Court Properties has developed a clearly defined approach for assessing value, implementing value-adding strategies, and managing risk. Our approach is based on Four Key Components: 

- Extensive Regional Research
- Sound Development Strategies
- Strong Financials
- Experienced Property Management Team 

​Our group has extensive experience in the valuation, acquisition, development and management of commercial properties.    Our goals are to acquire undervalued real estate assets, protect capital, preserve and improve upon acquired assets to achieve both appreciation and growth of existing cash flow, while managing these assets with our experienced property management team.


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